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Apevia CF20SL-URD 200MM 4PIN Uv Red Led Case Fan

CF20SLURD 200MM 4PIN Uv Red Led Case

Supercharge your pc total performance via a CF20SL-URD 200MM 4PIN Uv Red Led Case made by Apevia. 0637282914918 is the EAN barcode, aka the International Article Number, for this 200mm cooling fan. I definitely loved that it had apevia cf20sl-urd 200mm 4pin uv red led case fan. Other features include things like apevia cf20sl-urd and 1-year warranty. It weighs only 1 lbs. Brand new CF20SL-URD 200MM 4PIN Uv Red Led Case. For additional details on this fan, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this page.


UPS: 637282914918

Improve cooling and airflow to your case/system with this Apevia 200mm red UV reactive LED fan. With an ultra violet light (black light) , it shines like a jewel in the dark. Meanwhile, adds glamour and character to your PC. It provides incredible cooling to increase the longevity and stability with the system and components. The LEDs illuminate the entire fan and create an incredibly amazing effect.


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